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About Lodestone Mines

Lodestone (noun) a naturally magnetized mineral; magnetite.


Lodestone Mines is studying the economics, support and technical feasibility for an iron ore mine, processing facility and infrastructure corridor in South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula, Mid-North and the Braemar Iron Ore Basin, situated in the State’s north-east.

The Lodestone Project will provide the infrastructure corridors needed to develop the iron ore deposits of the Braemar region and transport that iron ore to market.
The project work is continuing on the project as it moves into the detailed feasibility stage. The project represents a major investment in the mid-eastern South Australia Regions. When fully developed, the project has the potential to export 50 million tonnes of iron ore concentrate per year.

Benefits for South Australia

The Project has the potential to generate benefits for South Australia including:

  • Long term skilled employment opportunities

  • Increased exploration activity

  • Infrastructure such as ports, pipelines, roads, water supplies, power transmission, and communications

  • Royalties


Lodestone Mines founded and managed by resources entrepreneur and Chairman Mr. Gordon Toll, with an established office in South Australia to investigate this exciting opportunity.

“We look forward to working closely with the community, industry and government to realise the opportunities that exist here. We are looking forward to contributing to a strong future for local and regional communities in South Australia.”

Over the coming months, Lodestone will continue with its detailed feasibility studies to determine the best initial configuration for this vital enabling Infrastructure. This includes a range of environmental assessments, technical modelling, engineering studies and resource assessments. During the conduct of this work, Lodestone will be seeking input from the community into the project.

“While there’s still more work to be done to determine the final configuration of this project, we are really looking forward to working with the community, industry and governments to maximise the opportunities of the project for South Australia,” Mr. Toll said.

Company Policies

You can read our company policies here:

Privacy Policy 

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