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Future Expansion Plans

From a start up tonnage in the range of 3 million tonnes per year, it is envisaged that Olary Flats will be expanded in stages to 25 million tpy, as outlined below


Starting again from the Port end - - -

Shipping of Concentrates to Market

We will transition from geared bulk carriers to larger cape size bulk carriers loaded from our own port or from barges via our own high volume trans-loading system. 

Photo of example:

Cape vessel at port.jpg

Concentrate Delivery Rail to Port

Railroad operations will transition to appropriate high volume loading and unloading equipment, maximum capacity wagons, a rail spur built from Olary town to Olary Flats and a rotary car dumper adjacent to a port.

Photos of examples:

rail loadout.jpg
car dumper.jpg

Concentrate Process Plant at Mine

We will use dry magnetic separation exclusively in the ore processing plant and expand the process plant and the mine as needed to meet market demand.

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