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The Next Big Australian Iron Ore Project

Our objective: “Develop the magnetite resources of the Braemar Iron Province of South Australia for the benefit of all stakeholders wherever they be”.

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The Project

The Lodestone Mines Olary Flats Project represents a major investment in South Australia that will generate jobs and economic activity. It involves critical "enabling" infrastructure, which will create a financially and physically viable means of exporting all iron ore concentrates produced in the Braemar Region.


"A financially and physically viable means of exporting iron ore"


“Starting small but expanding rapidly”


The project will be a significant contributor to the establishment of a viable iron ore mining and processing industry in South Australia (SA) and New South Wales (NSW) stretching from upper Spencer Gulf to Broken Hill. It will be an “engine” for long term, responsible economic growth in this region.

For all regional stakeholders and the wider community

Lodestones Mines' working model is to involve all stakeholders and the wider community through all stages of the project. The project team will be regularly contacting all involved stakeholders and members of the wider communities to discuss the nature of the project and to seek involvement in studies and to help determine optimal solutions for all. Lodestone Mines, through its subsidiary Braemar Infrastructure, will discuss all aspects of the infrastructure with landholders and all constituents. 

For miners

Lodestone Mines is committed to developing a mining, mineral processing and multi-user infrastructure solution for the Braemar Iron Province of South Australia. A multi-user system provides better economics for every user compared to a single user financing and operating closed infrastructure. Potential users of the infrastructure are invited to join in “no obligation” discussions at any time.

For investors

Lodestone Mines is an Australian mining development company. Braemar Infrastructure Pty Ltd is the infrastructure development subsidiary of Lodestone. Exploration licenses owned by the group potentially host 20 billion tonne of magnetite mineralisation.

For Steel Makers

Lodestone Mines will produce a magnetite concentrate of great utility to both integrated blast furnace steel makers and direct reduction EAF steel makers. The high grade and excellent pellet making qualities of the concentrates make it ideal for direct reduction in pellet based technologies. In a situation of deteriorating quality of direct shipping ores, the addition of say 5% of Lodestone Mine’s concentrates to an integrated steel plant sinter blend could be highly beneficial.

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